Ms. Meera is truly a renaissance teacher, re-thinking the way we educate our youngest students. Ms. Meera’s program allows each child to function at their own level with individual goals, something most schools try to claim they do, but few accomplish.
Her most impressive qualities are with the difficult students. When you are dealing with highly capable students at times behavior can be quite a challenge. Ms. Meera is patient beyond reason and I have personally seen her help many brilliant students with uncontrollable behavior regain themselves with her perseverance.
I have had three children attend BK Play. After they moved locations, the school went from being 15 minutes away to over an hour away with traffic, yet I made the drive, why, because I knew without a doubt Ms. Meera would ensure my students got the best possible start to their education and Ms. Meera would ensure they had a foundation that would last a lifetime.

— Amanda Moore in 2017
Meera is the best gifted educator I have ever met, and I have met many of them over the years, as my son has spent last 4 years in a gifted program in Seattle surrounded by educators of gifted children. She has the fundamental understanding and concern for this unusual type of children and their special needs.

— Melissa Goodale in 2017
Meera gave two my children a good start in their delicate early years when I could find no other school that could understand their specific needs as gifted children. This takes a special kind of person with a lot of creativity and caring. Every day after school Meera would spend time talking to parents about how their kids were doing and if special needs were coming up. I haven’t found this kind of support at any other school.

— Teeuwynn Woodruff in 2017