She started at BK as a very timid girl. She would look at the teachers with suspicious eyes almost fearful, always holding on to her stuffed animal. At first, she would walk around her peer, keeping a distance but her eyes would be following them at recess. Later, she was still walking around them but getting closer and making sounds, clearly indicating her desire to join them but still wasn’t quite sure how. After a month, this same child is next to her now friends. She can knock at their pretend houses and go in. It used to take her a long time to eat her snacks and put her lunch bag away. Now when she knows it’s close to recess she packs up fast because she wants to be “with her friends” (these are her words). And the stuffed animal? It sits in her cubby. - 10/31/18

A child enters the classroom with sad eyes, clearly checking us out . He stands alone, avoiding contact with his peers or teachers. It was clear that there was uncertainty and doubt but not much more could be read from his facial expression. Twenty one days later, this same child shows sparkling eyes. What happened? How did this transformation come about? Observing this child day by day, it was apparent that something was changing. He also observed us and slowly started to feel safe, to feel understood not only by the teachers but by his/her schoolmates. His needs where seen, recognized and were being dealt with. These changes happen because he felt the environment was safe, the goals were set weekly, the rules were clear, the routines were stable. He was not only understood by the teachers but also by his peers. He now shares his/her ideas with the rest of the class, smiles frequently, is opening up, showing enthusiasm and is making good friends. It took only twenty one school days ! - 9/28/18


Ayaan Kang is the first place winner at the Washington State Chess Championships at tri-cities on 4/21/18

  • There will be a workshop for general public about "Raising a Gifted Child," on Sunday, 2/25/2018 2:00 pm-6:00 pm at Redmond Public Library, 15990 NE 85th St, Redmond, WA 98052. Here is the link for detailed workshop information.

  • As part of a continued research project of "How do human beings learn language?" since September, a team of students made a book about the printing press and had a performance at the end of November. Please note their effort and growing sense of social justice while they made the book.

  • Ms. Austina De Bonte from NW Gifted Child Association held the "What Parents Need to Know about Smart Kids" workshop on Nov. 14, 2017 at BK Academy. Here is is the link to her presentation material.

  • The new BK Academy website is open on Nov. 5, 2017. The previous BKPlay website is winding down.